Heroes: Aquaman~More than a Fish Friend

Who is the lamest DC superhero?

Though there are plenty to choose from:

Dogwelder–who, as his name suggests, welds dead dogs to evildoers,

Infectious Lass–who is immune to all diseases, but infects both friends and foes alike by the colonies of microorganisms who live within her,

Color Kid–who has the ability to change the color of any object,

etc., one popular hero who I’ve heard been called out time and time again, is the King of the Seven Seas–Aquaman. For what good is a guy who can talk to fish? or is a billboard to ‘go green?’ or has had an octopus butler? or dated a dolphin?

Though Arthur’s reputation was severally tainted by the Super Friends cartoon in the 70’s, and though he has been persecuted ever since (such as by parodies like Mermaid Man in Spongebob Squarepants), it appears that his identity is beginning to recover, as seen by Jason Momoa riding on top the Batmobile in the latest Justice League trailer. Many beginning to realize that this Atlantian is much more powerful than previously thought, such as his mastery of a magical trident, and sometimes having a cybernetic hook/hand and having the ability to control water. (I’d like to also point out, that arguably, Aquaman does seem to be more popular than his Marvel counterpart–Namor the Sub-Mariner.)

There are many things which we can discuss while observing Aquaman; however, there are four lessons that I’d like to give special attention to:

  1. One choice, can impact our lives.
  2. We are not our mistakes. Our mistakes, do not have to label us. Our mistakes, can be overcome.
  3. We all have a reputation. We may not always have a good reputation; but, is that because we’re doing something wrong? Or being persecuted for doing something good?
  4. Stay hydrated.

While living life, it’s easy to feel like a fish out of water. In one world, we can be looked at as a king, while nothing but a fish stick in another. But, as we can learn from Aquaman, no matter what happens, we need to continue to be ourselves (except, stay away from dolphins [Lev. 18:23, Deut. 27:21]). Becoming better and staying moral, but never abandoning who we are. Not being afraid, to sometimes be seen in public, wearing bright orange and clashing green.

~Photos Obtained



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