My Day with Dinosaurs!

16114589_10211911441280596_8191380381064412327_nThis last weekend, Conway, Ar. was invaded! Not by zombies or aliens, but by dinosaurs! There are two things which instantly transform me into a kid again, those being superheroes! and dinosaurs!! Which made the decision for acquiring tickets for Jurassic Quest super easy.

As I stood in line, waiting to be let into the park, a lot of cool things happened. Firstly, it was funny hearing the interaction between the grandmother and her granddaughter behind me, “Are you sure you want to go in? You might get gobbled up.” Second, seeing so many kids who were as excited as I was. Many of them fashioning some type of clothing with a dino on it. But perhaps the best, was seeing how everyone, both kids and adults, lit up when we got our first glimpse of these extinct giants: “Look! Dinosaurs!!”

“What is that one?” asked the grandmother.

“I call it a ‘veggiesaurs,'” her granddaughter replied. Not truly knowing that the long-neck herbivore was an Apatosaurus. Me grinning from the cleverness of her imagination.

It was truly amazing, getting to see life-like animatronics of dinosaurs! Getting to see them, see them move, hear them make noises, and see in person life-size dinosaurs! Getting a taste of what it would be like visiting Jurrasic Park–before it going all destructo.

(True, I’ve gotten to see their sizes from fossils in a museum, which is pretty awesome too, don’t get me wrong. But this . . . this was something different entirely!)

15975256_10211911101672106_8344088429179570196_oThat day, was a treat! Making me as giddy as a little girl as I stumbled around sightseeing, snapping pics, and living my childhood dream of getting to see dinosaurs! in person.

But perhaps one of the greatest takeaways from this experience, was standing under the life-size Spinosaurs. There’s just something humbling, staring up at something bigger than yourself (especially something with jaws of teeth). There’s something humbling, staring up at something bigger than yourself. Rather that be the sky, God, or a dinosaur. It’s an experience that helps to wake you up, and calls to your attention that we’re just small insects, living in a much larger place.

I managed to leave the park, surprisingly, without stealing a dinosaur–though I admit I really wanted to. I left that day, with an indescribable feeling within my heart. Wow! I got to walk with dinosaurs! 



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