15 Things I’ve Learned, From Making Pizza

150526103052-pizza-hut-natural-780x439Last week, Christmas break officially came to an end, as another semester at Harding University began. . . . One final semester, before graduation this upcoming May.

Along with school, came the return of making pizzas to earn some hard earn cash through sweat and grease.

Though I had taken a month off, it did not affect my ability in making pizzas. It felt natural spreading the cheese, pepperonis, and other toppings–a lot like riding a bike. Throughout the last four years, I have forged the skill of making pizzas. I mean, working twenty-something hours, five days a week, you tend to get good at a few things. Practice and time honing skills that you utilize again and again and again.

It’s funny, how this realization came as I was putting the finishing touches on a hand-tossed meat lovin’. . . . This truth, of course, doesn’t just work for pizza, but anything that you spend your time doing. No, spending lots of time doesn’t guarantee you’ll become the best, but it promises that you’ll become much better than if you spent no time at all. However, we must be careful and subjective what we use our time for. For what we spend our time on, we’ll get better at. Such as making pizzas, or throwing a football . . . or looking up porn. . . . Be careful what you choose to spend your time on. For that which you spend lots of time doing, you get good at.

I’ve learned many lessons while making pizza these last four years. Some which include:

  • The importance of feeding the hungry.
  • Plastic melts.
  • You need a sense of humor in order to make it through life.
  • A common goal, can unite various peoples.
  • Nothing lasts forever, for life is constantly changing. If we like it or not, change will happen.
  • Treat people like people.
  • Tip your waitresses.
  • Creativity can lead to pretzels and tasty new pizzas!
  • Kind words and a good work ethic can go a long ways.
  • There’s an art in juggling the balls of responsibilities.
  • We’re all different. Different dreams, different wants, different fears. We’re all different.
  • Touching hot things hurt.
  • Some of the best friends can be made while making pizza.
  • Don’t get lost in the sauce.


~Photo Obtained


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