The Scrunchie

shower-headIt’s the beginning of a new semester at Harding University. But with the starting of the year, comes certain tasks which must be carried out in order to properly prepare for the trials to come. One such task, is the stocking of supplies which is needed to take care of one’s body. Accepting such a mission, I ventured to the one place I knew would carry all my needs in a general location, commonly nicknamed “the Happiest Place on Earth”–Wally World.

And so, I entered my trusted silver steed and drove to my target, making sure to pick a parking spot in the back, so I would easily be able to locate my vehicle in my return (relieving my mind of the burden of having to remember such a weighty thing).

I strolled in casually, in a cool swag as I strode to the bath and body work section of the store–who sells practically everything, even kitchen sinks. I felt like a man as I picked out a new razor with some shaving cream and aftershave to go with it. I even picked up some beard balm, to take care of the sign of masculinity growing upon my face. I was feeling good . . . until I picked up one more item. 

My shower buddy had disappeared during the break; therefore, I needed a new one. I left the aisle of manhood . . . to pick out a new shower scrunchie. Though I needed one, it felt weird carrying facial hair care in one hand, while picking through pastel blues, reds, and oranges within a pink box for the other. Even the tag on the scrunchie sounded feminine, “Gentle Bath Sponge.” Not something that a guy should purposefully be looking for.

I had two choices right then and there. Either to drop this mission, and try to make myself squeaky clean in the future without an aid, or to put up with moments of awkwardness and pick out a shower scrunchie. . . . I decided upon the latter.

Sometimes, life is awkward, such as picking out a shower scrunchie. Or picking out new underwear or toilet paper in a public place. Yet sometimes, we just have to deal with this awkwardness to get what we want. I mean, I guess you could choose to no longer shower with scrunchies, you could decide to give up wiping, and you could live by choosing a lifestyle of going commando; however, would these life changing decisions be really what you want? Or would it be far better to put up with a little awkwardness instead?

I quickly darted for the cashier desk, keeping my head low from any judgmental eyes that could be staring. Carrying my beard-grooming products in one hand, and my shower scrunchie in the other.


~Photo Obtained

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