Like Tyger Stripes, it can’t be Stopped


Tyger Tyger, burning bright,

It’s hard to believe, that this little cub in the photo above, could one day grow into a cat like this one in the photo below:

sumatran-tiger-male-portrait-webA cute, petite kitten–into a majestic, beautiful cat–yet dangerous and frightening all the same. Of course, those of whom have raised kittens and cats probably already know this concept.

Things change. Believe it or not, today is not the same as yesterday. Boys become different as they transform into men. Girls are not the same as women. Tadpoles have the potential to grow legs as caterpillars have the chance to gain wings.

In the forests of the night;

Things change. If we like it or not, events, cities, people, are constantly shifting. Some changes are slow and gradual, and yet others are shockingly sudden.

For better or for worse, your life is in flux. If things were not changing, that probably means your in a coffin somewhere. Yet samely, not all changes are good. Some things are pretty awful which we endure. Some may be cute and cuddly like a baby tyger, while others are painful as we face teeth and claws.

What immortal hand or eye,

But if things didn’t change, how could we enjoy watching an acorn grow into an oak tree–looking up its mighty trunk while bathing in its shade? If things didn’t change, humans would remain cute babies, but with a lifetime of diapers need changing. If things didn’t change, how could we enjoy the gifts which come from being 2, 12, 22, 52, or 102? If things didn’t change, who would not be in your life today, who you met last year?

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

~Photos Obtained


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