The Tales of Traveling with an Open Backpack

14570220_10210808326503416_4024642559880682269_nThe bell rung, releasing me to venture from my 11 o’ clock class to lunch. I stuffed my books and notes in my backpack before racing for the door. Next came weaving through the bodies of the corral, I mean hall. Squeezing through couples, detouring around friends, bumping into backpacks of those who had stopped to greet another with a hug. Finally, after shooting down a near-empty hallway, I believed I was scot-free. I was nearing the stairwell which headded to the caf when a voice stopped me, “Hey, do you know you’re backpack’s open?”

“Yes?” I replied somewhat puzzled, with my stomach protesting for the slight delay.

“Oh, okay. I thought I would tell you.”

“Thank you,” I replied before separating, me heading to the salad bar for some cottage cheese.

That was also not the only time which I’ve been stopped by a passerby trying to help, alerting me of my open backpack. One of my favorite examples, is a random guy who tried to close it for my while I was walking  down a fleet of stairs.

“Why do you keep your backpack open?” asked another. 

“Because it gives me easy access to my books,” I replied. Choosing such a lifestyle because of the convenience which it supplied, usually only having my bag closed under the threat of rain or snow.


After having so many encounters like these within one semester, I began to realize that people socially think it’s weird for one to travel around with an open backpack. Perhaps taking time for me to realize this, because it was something normal for me. Yet for others it’s weird, different, and they believe they’re being good Samaritans by letting me know my bag is open for my stuff doesn’t fall out.

I also realized last week, that living life as a Christian, should be like walking around with an open backpack. We have a backpack just like everyone else, but ours is a little different, we walk around with it being open. This catches the attention of others who alert us there’s something wrong, that we need to zip up our backpacks. But then we tell them, “No, it’s meant to be like that.” Confused, they then ask us, “What do you mean?” giving us the chance to explain this difference. A chance to explain what makes us unique in living the life as Christian. Something much more powerful than choosing not to activate a zipper–the power of the grace and mercy which comes from the blood of Jesus Christ.


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