vulnerabilityTeacher: Take five minutes to answer this question on a piece of paper: “How does vulnerability feel?”

My answer: Vulnerability feels . . . vulnerable. I mean, it can be scary. It makes you feel exposed, naked. Like the soft body of a clam being outside of its shell. It’s an uncomfortable feeling which we don’t like.

. . . Yet, it can also be comforting. When you befriend someone who you can be vulnerable to, the rewards can be truly amazing. For you are able to be real with each other. No masks or presentations, but raw flesh and bone. Though scary, vulnerability can create something intimate and personal which cannot be replicated in a factory to be sold in a store, or crafted with the friendship of steel and iron. To be like a squishy, peeled orange can be unsettling, yet finding such a person to be true . . . is perhaps one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. More shiny, precious, and valuable than the most gleaming jewels, glistening gold, or most delicious pizza.


~Photo Obtained


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