Hugs and Robots

Last night, I was watching Terminator Genisys on Hulu for the first time, which was sort of a mistake to do alone–with the surrounding fireworks sounding like I was in the amidst of a war zone, making things just a little scary. I was however not too impressed with the movie, neither were Rotten Tomatoes and other critiques or fans for that matter, my reasons being:
1. Too much of a stretch of the original material in launching a sequel-reboot.
2. Overabundance of cussing.
3. Obvious product placement (yes Nike and Pepsi I’m talking about you).
4. Too much of a push for a strong-female-lead, who is not a princess who needs saving.
Though on the upside, the movie did have some good humor here and there as well as excellent special effects. Nevertheless, there was one quote which stuck out to me. Before Sarah Connor steps through the Time Displacement Equipment (or the TDE (I had to look that up for the proper name, better than calling it the ‘time travel device thing’)), she gives her guardian Terminator a hug, in which he states, “That’s a meaningless gesture. Why hold onto someone you must let go?”

Though this may sound odd to say, it’s true–I love hugs. Touch is one of my top ways to express love (see Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages for more details). I mean, I’ve always thought of hugs as a warm way to express to someone that you care about them, a chance to have an intimate closeness before you have to depart. But I’ve never thought of it as the Terminator expressed it. True, this quote comes from Schwarzenegger’s impression of a machine, yet it brings up an interesting thought: “Why hold onto someone you must let go?”

Perhaps the most obvious answer is that it would be awkward to be wrapped in a never-ending hug. I mean a 20-second hug (most of the time) is a long/awkward one, yet such a hug has been proven to release oxytocin, which is a hormone that creates feelings of happiness, connection, as well as decreases stress.

Would hugs be as special if they were permanent? I mean, would we become immune to the warm fuzzies which they bring to us if we were always hugging? Would goodbyes be as impactful? Or reunions as uniting?

Just some thoughts which were sparked while watching a movie filled with explosions and man-killing robots.

“Why hold onto someone you must let go?”


~Photo Obtained


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