‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Keeps a Religious Balance

z_0Back in December, when the first trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse was released, I posted a negative opinion of the film, which is why it took some convincing from a mentor of mine who saw the movie first to go see it for myself. The film itself is pretty good, though there are still many plot holes in the X-Men cinematic universe which this movie only adds too, but the special effects, action, and some of its themes were enjoyable. I am definitely more pleased with it than the trailer. As my mentor pointed out there is a religious balance within this film. Yes, there is still the line which suggests the Four Horsemen may have not been inspired by the Bible, and Apocalypse himself still claims to be a god. However, I was pleased when Apocalypse does refer to himself as a god, he uses the title ‘Elohim’ instead of ‘Yahweh’ (which had been used in the trailer). Though the claim is still blasphemy, which is made by the villain of the film, it is not as severe, for Elohim is the generic word for God in Hebrew while Yahweh is His divine/personal name. Xavier himself calls Apocalypse out on this claim, “You’re just another false god.”

4531481-2811080700000578-3057904-in_style_the_teleporting_mutant_will_join_other_characters_made_-m-30_1430158306561There is also an image of Jesus carrying his cross present within the rapid flashing title sequence. I also liked how the mutant Nightcrawler, though he could be mistaken as a demon, was constantly praying, such as when he pleads, “Listen to my prayer,” on his way to battle. In addition, near the end of the film after [SPOILER ALERT] the X-Men saved the day, you can hear a newscaster say “By the grace of God.” And the words, “I think our prayers were answered. . . . Yes, Mr. President,” are spoken by a member of the US Warroom on the red phone. There is even the question of, ‘Why?’ which Magneto cries out to the sky, lashing out when after [SPOILER ALERT] he killed a group of soldiers out of revenge for one of them accidently killing his wife and daughter, “Is this what you want from me? Is this what I am?”

Yes, there are things which could be taken offensively; however, these are mostly claims by the villain of the film, which like I said, I am pleased they toned him down; while there is also present a religious balance, revealing Christian truths in the midst of a superhero film.

Sadly, not everyone likes this balanced theme within this movie: “Victory is not achieved through mere power, but because others are willing to sacrifice for those they care about. God didn’t answer our prayers; the X-Men did,” writes one critic in his blog. Nevertheless, the film made $80 million at the North American box office in its opening weekend, meaning there where a lot of people exposed to these scenes, which hopefully have planted some seeds, or at the very least, brought the question to many, “What do I believe about God?”

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PS. Santa is real! I saw him at the movie theater! And apparently, he likes watching X-men too:



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