Like a Balloon

luftballons_storm_fotolia_52124442_lBelieve it or not, life is like a balloon. A bizarre metaphor I know, but please hear me out before you disregard this strange idea. Life is like a balloon.

First off, we each fill our lives with stuff, whether that be oxygen, helium, or school, work, family, friends, hobbies, sports–we constantly fill ourselves up, which it is good to fill up some, otherwise we’d be flat. However, if we fill up with too much air, POP! We need a balance, making sure we have balls to juggle, but not too many balls; otherwise, life gets chaotic and we’ll end up dropping some or them all.

We must also be careful what we fill our lives with. Fill our lives with dangers, such as sharp objects, POP! Or if we fill ourselves only with oxygen, we’ll be grounded, limited in our thinking, yet if we overdose in creativity, in helium, then we’re not grounded enough and we fly away, “Fly away foogel bird! Fly away!” Lost in the sky, until we draw too close to the sun, then like Icarus, POP! And if we don’t continue to fill ourselves, then we shrivel up until there is nothing left but a husk of what was.

1507006_817109639648_1527329181_nJust as a balloon can be shaped by a clown into a dog, a hat, sword, or any other object, so too can we be shaped. Not by a clown, but a Creator. If we allow Him too, He’ll make us into something spectacular! But if we resist, POP! we won’t be what we should.

Like a balloon, we’re all different. Some of us are red balloons while others are green or orange. We are all balloons, yet different, for we’re not meant to be the same, otherwise a circus or amusement park would look quite dull being garnished in the same color everywhere.

And like a balloon, sometimes we’re too filled with hot air.

Believe it or not, life is like a balloon. A bizarre metaphor I know, and yet zanily true.


~Photos ObtainedFOT6E7


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