Enjoy the Little Things

monarch-butterfly-grass.jpg.adapt.945.1Life, can be busy, busy, busy.

Beep-beep-beep, wakes the beep-beep-beeping alarm clock—rushing to put on pants and brush teeth and hair. (Not noticing the rays of sun peeping through the shades of the window.)

Rushing, driving down the boulevard, swerving between lanes of traffic, spilling coffee within your lap. (Not seeing the great, mighty trees, tall with leaves of green.)

Running into the office, type-type-typing on the computer, tap-tap-taping your keyboard in your lonely cubicle. Signing papers, filing papers, mailing papers, treating paper cut. (Not tasting the cake within the lounge.)

5 o’ clock comes, and the day has just begun. You pick up the kids, shuttle them off to soccer, dance, mall, and movies. Mail the mail, pay some bills, pick up dry cleaning and Chinese—(not spotting the flowers in the landscape, hearing the birds in the sky so high, missing the sunset right in front of you, blind to the ballet of the butterflies).

Finally, finally reaching home, only to be bogged by loosening tie, shower, supper, listening to your wife before taking out the trash. Washing dishes, feeding the garbage disposal, locking up the dog, oh look, TV!; hitting the sack. (Missing, the quality time with family of love.) Day done and gone, spent. Only to begin anew tomorrow, with the beep-beep-beeping of the alarm clock.

Life, can be busy, busy, busy. Stop. Breathe. Take a moment and look. Listen. See. Enjoy the little things. Enjoy the little things. Enjoy, the little things.

~Photo Obtained

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