Finding Us

fishI remember, over twelve years ago when my grandma took me and my brothers to see Finding Nemo in theaters. I remember laughing, enjoying this awesome animated film, and how much the water in every scene made me really need to use the bathroom afterwards. A great cartoon, but with no idea how deep this film could be.

Last week, the first teaser trailer for next summer’s upcoming film, Finding Dory, was released. For a throwback Thursday, I thought it would be cool to reminiscent on the original film which inspired this sequel, but with a spiritual-twist.

A group of us gathered around a table at the campus Starbucks, meeting for our weekly Bible study. We had yet opened the book of John, socializing, sipping our sweet drinks, conversating about the week and other random topics. I don’t quite remember how it was brought up, but we were discussing Finding Nemo, Marlin’s love for his son, when Jonathan White, a friend of mine, mentioned, “Like God’s love for us.”

Kaboom! mind blown! A light bulb was ignited, which should have been lit many years ago.

I truly wish I could take credit for this blog; however, I’m merely expanding upon Jonathan’s revelation, which I still cannot believe I did not see until last week. (Of course there are some expected differences in this metaphor, such as Marlin being an overprotective parent; however, I believe that this film still beautifully portrays the theme, “a father’s love for his child”.)

Marlin loved his son, and wanted to protect him from danger. So when he saw the giant, metal butt-boat, he told his son not to touch it. However, Nemo disobeyed the words of his father. After telling him, “I hate you,” he swam out, and touched, “The butt” anyways. At first, he was safe–nothing happened. However, this disobedience then led to his kidnapping by the scuba-divers who were exploring the reef. Just as God told Adam and Eve, to not eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yet, they disobeyed Him, and allowed sin to kidnap them.

Marlin could have counted his son as loss; Nemo had disobeyed him, and so he got what he deserved; however, Marlin didn’t. He loved his son. He pursued great lengths to find him. He encountered: a blood-frenzied shark, explosive mines, and a luring anglerfish. He was eaten by a whale and almost became lunch to a flock of greedy seagulls, before he found and saved his son. Marlin traveled an ocean, to find Nemo.

God, could have counted us as loss, destroyed us even; we had disobeyed Him, and should get what we deserved; however, God didn’t. He loves us. He pursued great lengths so that we could be found. He saved us on an ark, gave us His Law, extended to us grace far than what we ever deserved, and redeemed us through His son. God–

Our Father in heaven, O hallowed be Your name. You bless us more than we ever deserve. You are judgement, but O how You are also grace, mercy, and love. You are the Great Finder, the Redeemer. Your children do not deserve such a compassionate Father, and yet You adopt us into Your house. O Father, help us to see Your love, know Your grace, accept Your sacrifice, Your undeserving gift, and help us to become Your people. For Yours is the kingdom,  the power, and the glory forever, and ever. Amen.


~Photo Obtained



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