STAR WARS: Arcann and Thexan

Yes, this is a trailer for the upcoming expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic; but, it is also much more. It is a story, which has made my heart ache each time that I’ve watched it. . . . Perhaps, because in many ways, I can relate to Arcann.

It is a story of two brothers. Two true friends, two brothers, with a special bond. Through thick and thin they had stood by each other, to the pits of Hell and back–but all of that was unraveled, in a moment. For it is also a story of a son, thirsting to win the approval of his father, which Arcann finally receives, with the price of the blood of his brother.

True, Cain and Abel tends to come to mind from the death of a brother by a brother, there are similarities between Arcann and Darth Vader, and we could talk about another special set of twins in the Star Wars universe; however, instead of focusing upon these things, I leave you with this thought:

All of us, have things we want, things we desire, things we dream. We all have things–


If we let these things consume our lives, let these things take dominance over us, become our obsessions, what will we loose? What will be sacrificed, in the end?



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