Stay Out of the Pool!

10703819_10204851238539940_9119766261710331167_n (1)Earlier this week, I saw the Red Band Trailer for Deadpool.

I was NOT impressed.

It is amazing how much grotesque language and crudeness can be crammed into a 2:55 clip. I know I won’t be the most popular for giving my opinion; nevertheless, I encourage you to not go see this film in 2016.

But Logan, it’s a “superhero” movie. But Logan, it looks funny! But Logan, it doesn’t bother me! But Logan, it has some cool action scenes! But Logan . . .

Like I said, I’m not shooting for popularity.

Yes, it’s a Marvel movie, but that’s no excuse just to see it because of that. Comic book companies can make just as terriable movies as any other movie company, which can be seen with the Blade movies that came out in the late 90’s early 2000’s, and the upcoming DC’s Suicide Squad (which I’m theorizing, by the darkness of the recent trailer, and the skanky clothing of Harley Quinn–another trailer that I was not impressed by). [Sidenote: Speaking of all the cussing that was within the Deadpool trailer, I was sad to see how much more cussing was within the Ant-Man movie that came out this summer, compared to the other Marvel superhero movies, and how they made fun of cussing within Avengers: Age of Ultronespecially since there are so many kids that love seeing these movies.]

Yes, there may be humor–but humor is no excuse, a poor rationalization for poisoning your mind. I’ve heard my friends use this excuse for many movies, such as: KingsmenTedThe HangoverStepbrothers. Yes, it may be funny, but there are many other cleaner movies that are just as funny–if not more, that won’t load your mind with garbage. And yes, TV influences us more than what we would like to admit. Why else would companies like McDonald’s spend $963 million in ads in 2014?

Yes, it may not bother you, but is that such a good thing? Desensitization is the body’s defense to protect itself, which can be good. However, it can also blind us more and more to sin, the brokeness and unholiness around us, and cloud our consciences. Yes, maybe it doesn’t bother you, but is that such a good thing?

I can debate all day; however, I end with this one plea. Please, don’t go see this movie, you’re not missing anything. Protect your mind, guard your heart. And if you walk into a movie that’s like this, that’s terribleespecially if it bothers your conscience–walk out (something that I personally need to work on). No, you probably won’t be cool, but compared to the stand that you’re making, how you’re caring about yourself, coolness is overrated. Be strong and courageous, and stay out of the pool, the Deadpool.

~Photo Obtained


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