The Jurassic Question

jurassic-world-tv-spot-2-cap-03I don’t know about you, but I love dinosaurs! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved these extinct giants. So you can’t imagine how excited I was to see Jurassic World in theaters! especially since I was too young to see the other Jurassics on the big screen.

The big star of this film is the Indominus Rex, “untamable/fierce king,” (originally named the Diabolus Rex, “devil king”). The genetically engineered dinosaur is an artificial hybrid–but of what? Though most of its DNA is unknown, what is known that’s within this genetic hybrid are the following:
Tyrannosaurs rex, VelociraptorCarnotaurus, GiganotosaurusMajungasaurus, Rugops, as well as cuttlefish, tree frog, and death adder.

This dinosaur is a beast!

This dinosaur also raises a question, how much should we genetically engineer? I mean, God allows us to, gave us the knowledge to do so, and I’ve eaten both meat and vegetables that have been genetically altered, which I’ve bought at the local grocery store. So I ask, when does it become too much? Is it okay to make vegetables that are more bug resistant? animals that produce more meat or milk? or to recreate dinosaurs? What’s okay? and when does it become playing God?

I can honestly answer, I don’t know; however, I want us to think upon this question. For though this question may sound like something in science fiction, it is a topic I believe will hold much importance for the next following years. How much should we alter? and how much should we let be? Should we make dinosaurs? or learn from the Jurassic Parks that man is not God. We can create, we can alter, but we are still not omnipotent beings. We are man, creations, creators, but not the Creator. We are merely stewards of this world, for creation has only one King.

~Photo Obtained


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