The Pantheon of Justice

Greek mythology plays an important role in the DC universe. It is crucial in the Wonder Women storylines, it is seen in CW’s new Flash series, with the bronze depiction of the Greek gods featured in the PD’s office; and it is even present in the Justice League itself, for there are parallels between members of the League and the pantheon of Olympus [+Hades].

(I know there are many who have already made this comparison; however, I wanted to share my opinion, with ‘The Pantheon of Justice’.)

smite-zeuscharacter_bio_576_superman_0Zeus–Superman (It could be argued that Captain Marvel/Shazam could represent Zeus, since he does have lightning abilities; however, I personally believe that Superman makes a better parallel, since he is often depicted as being the leader of the League.)



hera2Wonder-WomanHera–Wonder Woman

Demeter_Ceres_Greek_Goddess_Art_03DTC23p1-300x467Demeter–Poison Ivy (Villainess)

(or arguably Martian Manhunter or Oracle)

apollo-greek-god-featured-23085499-greenarrowApollo–Green Arrow
(or Firestorm or Green Lantern (Hal Jordan))

The-Artemis-in-You1Young Justice-Auld Aquaintances Screenshot 06Artemis–Artemis (or Vixen or Huntress) (I personally thought the archers best represented Apollo and Artemis; however, if you would want to represent the sibling aspect of these Olympian twins, then the Wonder Twins, Fire and Ice, Hawk and Dove, or another power-sibling pair could also be a fit match.)

(or Orion)

1371794586_Aphrodite_by_kamillyonsiya3603972-5535190395-blackAphrodite–Black Canary
(or Star Sapphire (Villainess))

(or arguably Green Lantern or Steel)

Hermes3551620-barry+allenHermes–The Flash

Hestia_greek_gods_project_by_isikol-d50obo92559874-2070513_martian_manhunter_largeHestia–Martian Manhunter
(In more recent media, Martian Manhunter is the monitor of the Watchtower, remaining in Olympus to tend the hearth)

DionysusGalleryChar_1900x900_boostergold_52ab8b16cab6b4.43568615Dionysus–Booster Gold

(or arguably Zatanna or Powergirl)

I know, some of these are not a perfect match; however, I think that this is a pretty accurate list. Do you agree? What’s your opinion?

~Photos Obtained

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