Winter Storm Thor

The Journal of a Snowbound College Kid.


5Day 1: I hear the sleet pelting on my windows as I type this entry. Luckily, I still have power, and the warm water has not gone out. School has already been canceled for tomorrow, for the Eskimo and polar bear-hybrid populations are low in the university’s student body. In addition, if the fear from the storm was not enough to cancel classes, there are many desperate students who are more than willing to fake their own deaths to escape from midterms.

My feet have thawed from braving the storm. I had been blinded from assaulting ice, while trudging through the slippy landscape. Luckily, I was not spotted by any famished abominable snowmen as I made my way here. 

I am now fully prepared to hibernate. My food storage consists of: ramen noodles, popcorn, peanut butter crackers, a cookie, a half eaten pepperoni pizza, and remnants from a Dorito bag, as well as some hot chocolate now brewing. A friend is making his way to my shelter for the night. I am thankful for the company. I only pray that this storm is not prolonged, forcing us to result to cannibalism.

Is this how those who endured the Ice Age felt? These feelings? these fears?

I will sleep uneasy tonight, keeping aware of my surroundings, listening for the slightest creaks from the ceiling, worried that it may cave in from the accumulation of ice. For now, I am alive. End of entry.


Day 2: I survived the night. The cruel wind kept me awake for hours, whispering chilling threats to me; however, I was able to receive a few hours of much needed rest.

I fell today, while making the dangerous trek to the cafeteria. My pride may have suffered, but luckily my left arm is only bruised not broken. It is my spear-throwing hand, which I will soon need. The mammoth population has drastically spiked since the 4th of March.

I stuck to the trees on my venture, yet still I was not safe. The cardinals eyed me like the birds in Alfred Hitchcock’s film. At that  moment, I only had one arrow in my quiver. I plan to make more later this evening.

I have yet to convince my dorm mother to allow a campfire within my quarters; however, another night of Alaskan temperatures should persuade her. Many of my neighbors have smuggled huskies into the dorm. I have intentions of trading what’s left of the pizza and popcorn for one, with plans of beginning a much needed sled dog team. End of entry.


Day 3: I have survived my first case of pneumonia, influenza, and frost bite, though I am still fatigued and need more rest. End of entry.


Day 4: My food storage is running low, and the caribou trap has not yet proven to be effective. I need to divide what’s left into smaller rations and pray that my hunting instincts sharpen quickly. All thoughs who ever sang, “The cold doesn’t bother me anyways” are liars. End of entry.


Day 5: The White Witch’s spell has been broken! ushering in an early spring. I am a survivor of Winter Storm Thor!!! End of final entry.

~Photo Obtained


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