Be Careful Little Eyes

2365702490_7a1e8f01c8O be careful little eyes . . .

There are some things, that never should be sacrificed. Choices, that shouldn’t be made. Decisions, with great impact.

We are surrounded by both light and by darkness. Tugging at us, sometimes feeling like these two forces are tearing us apart–and we don’t always see it; in a matter-of-fact, normally we don’t. Only today, do we see the choices of yesterday. For this world, is filled with gray.

O be careful little ears . . .

So many choices, so many temptations. The promise of sweetness with the sting of venom. . . . Monsters are not born, they are created–influenced by their environment, forged by the tainting of their hearts.

There is light in this world, but . . . but the darkness, the brokenness, drastically out weighs it, because it impacts us more, it horrifies us–scares us. A sign that what we see shouldn’t, wasn’t supposed to be.

Easy it is to give in to instant gratification . . . but the more we do, the less that separates us from the animals. We were blessed with a conscience, and yet our music and television praises them who ignore it. This world is a mess–

O be careful little tongue . . .

But there is light in this world. The sun still shines. There are still butterflies and, and grandmas with warm smiles. There is still love and hope–there is still a God who loves us.

So easy it is to make choices, but choose wisely. Guard your heart. Be courageous and do not be afraid, continue to fight! For “it’s a slow fade, when you give yourself away.”

For the Father up above
He’s looking down in love
So, be careful little eyes what you see

~Photo Obtained


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