What is Cute?

Cute-Wallpaper-teddybear64-20682571-1280-1024Is this cute?

Cute-kitten-prayingIs this cute??

Baby-panda-giant-bucket-of-cuteIs this cute???

250px-254_Mr_StenchyHow about this?

downloadCute? Why?

What makes something “cute”?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, cute is “having a pleasing and usually youthful appearance : attractive in a sexual way : clever in an appealing way.” Helpful? I didn’t think so. So again I ask, what is “cute”? Why is a puppy or a kitten cute, maybe even something made-up, and yet a snake is not? Have you ever thought of it?

Konrad Lorenz, an Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist, proposes the concept of the baby scheme, “Kindchenschema,” that we attribute cuteness to things that imitate features of a baby in our minds, such as smallness, juvenileness, and especially a small face with big eyes, which stimulates a nurturing instinct (Melanie). But why are babies “cute”?

cute-baby-photo-37Because they wouldn’t survive if they weren’t. Think about it, babies are the most selfish things on the planet, they are the definition of egocentric. Their whole world revolves around them. When they want fed, they want fed now! When they what affection, they want it now! When they want their diaper changed, even if it’s at 3 A.M., they want it changed now!! They don’t care about anyone but themselves, (of course, is it truly their fault?)

(Scientists have also found that cuteness triggers the nucleus accubens, a pleasure center in the brain, which releases dopamine into the body, the same part of the brain targeted by cocaine, heroine, meth, and morphine (Melanie). It can also be activated by music, food, sex, as well as “pleasant, emotional rousing pictures and during mental imagery of pleasant, emotional scenes” (CostaSabatinelli.))

So, is cuteness just an evolutionary effect for infants to survive without being strangled? or in reverse, to keep us from harm? (for example, not dying from hugging the “cute” venomous snake) or is their more to it?

Is cute a tool created for evolution, but not just? May it also be a way for the Creator to give another aspect in which to enjoy His creation?

70f1d4c4eb7a0bed2820c4b3e6b987ccI mean come on, I bet even a football player would say, “aw” at that little, adorable face. Doesn’t seeing something “cute” just make you want to enjoy life? and bring those warm fuzzies to your heart (even if you don’t want to admit it). Yes, cute may help a puppy survive from being murdered for peeing on the carpet for the hundredth time–those big, chocolate brown eyes–but I believe, that it is also another gift that God has blessed us with, to appreciate this world in which He has given us.


~Photos Obtained

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