I Can Ride My Bike with No Handlebars

“Handlebars” was once a fad that has waned in popularity over the years, but that does not take away the powerful themes that are found within its lyrics:

Large events are formed by small choices. The choices that we make today begin small, such as riding a bike with no handlebars, but they build and build upon each other. We are all capable of doing great things. We have the potential for both good, and evil. For leading a holocaust, or a revolution. We have the capability for great things, but the choice in how our greatness will be known. War leads only to violence, bloodshed. So then, why is so much money poured into it, compared to digging wells in Africa? . . . Friends, brothers–those who are once close can become archenemies from the choices that they make, the paths that they choose. They can begin the same, but can become polar opposites.

“I can ride my bike with no handlebars. No handlebars. No handlebars.”


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