The Smudge

224817_10151022524853552_1831016751_nInspiration comes at the funniest times. I’m a poor college kid right, needing a job to pay off some loans, and I was provided with work, painting and fixing up a rental home. I had dipped my brush in a bucket of white paint and began to coat it on the door trim, when a stray drop was flung onto an area of the wooden floor that had become uncovered. I quickly rubbed my finger on the pesky drop to clean up the mess when it smeared! Instead of fixing the problem, I was making it worse. But, being stubborn, I kept rubbing. The smear grew and grew–and then, it began to disappear. I kept rubbing and eventually, it was gone! Crisis avoided!

You know, life is a lot like that. It’s messy.

We’re all painters. Maybe for you, it’s a canvas, or your like me painting a house, or maybe you prefer finger painting, but we’re all painters. And we get messy, getting more paint on ourselves than on the wall :). Paint–the grime, filth, and mess of life. It splatters on us and its so hard to get off–if you don’t have the right soap that is.

And as we paint, we’ll make mistakes, a drop will drip from our brush and land somewhere where it art not. But when we try to fix it ourselves, it smudges, becomes worse. We can’t fix the problem, we need Someone else who can. And sometimes, He does let a problem smudge, become bigger and worse before it gets better. It’s like me cleaning out my car. As I clean it, I don’t just put everything were it belongs right off, but first make a pile in the living room  [closer and more convenient] before I debby out the weeks of clothes and trash into smaller piles and then move them to where they belong. See, instead of just cleaning, I had made a mess, a pile in the living room, which helped me to clean. Things became more dirty, worse, before they got better. We’ll make mistakes. Some, we’ll be able to clean up right away. Some, will take some more elbow grease. And there will be some that we won’t spot, that will drip and dry, which is perfectly okay. No one is perfect, but let us learn from these drops so that the drips will become fewer and fewer, instead of using them as an excuse for making a crappy painting.

The random thoughts that come when you’re alone painting a house–or maybe I’ve just been sniffing too much paint? I don’t know, but I do know this–when you paint, it gets everywhere! My face, arms, even my underwear has paint! Painting is messy, just like life. And we can choose to complain about it and quit because it’s too filthy of a job, or to continue to paint and to create a masterpiece.


~Photo Obtained


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