Lone Wolf

Why does the lonely, lacerated, labile Lupus
leave the pack, limping?
When the lavender is
leek[*] lonesome?
Why does lui loathe the
lighting of la luna,
Lusting for unillumination
in which to lay low?
Luctationaly to mollify il belly
with small lemmings, with elk leftovers,
With Larix bark and lingonberries,
While the leash lunches
lavish game of moose and caribou?
Polar in winter nightfall,
Lutose, covered in burrs,
Lootching[†] the snowfall,
Longing had a hillside cave in which to lagniappe?
from the hollering leopard
looking whom it can lightningly swallow?
Unsettling sleeps
under a larch—
of a woodland?



[*] look + seek

[†] look + watching



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