Heroes: Hulk~The Monster Within

angry_green_eyed_hulk_wallpaper_-_800x600I feel it deep within,

Bruce Banner was a physicist for the United States Defense Department, involved with an experiment involving gamma radiation—

It’s just beneath the skin,

When something went terribly wrong!

I must confess that I feel like a—”

An accident exposed Bruce to the gamma radiation—not creating a “monster”, but exposing the monster underneath.—

The monster within each of us.

“I, I feel like a monster

I, I feel like a monster!(Skillet)

Each of us have a monster that we wrestle with. For some, it may be anger, like Bruce. For others, it may be:


or some other monster, or a beast shaped from a combination of these selfish desires.

So we try to keep our monster caged, don’t we? We don’t want other people to see the ugliness that’s within us. So we create a façade, an image that we display like a flaring peacock for all to see—the flashy colors of our strengths and perfections, while concealing what we truly want/who we are.

We hide the monster, don’t we? We don’t control it, we attempt to contain it. Which means that sometimes it comes out, doesn’t it? And when it does . . . it’s not too pretty.

Now, maybe your monster isn’t threatening enough to warrant the attention of the American military, to hunt it down and destroy it at all costs, but it’s still damaging, destructive. When it’s unleashed—it hurts those around you.

We all have these desires/tempting troubles. The want to be great in our glory, the secret sins that we fight. No, we will never be perfect, but we can attempt perfection, to better ourselves. We must learn not to hide our imperfections, but to control them. Bind them with an acceptance and the want to better ourselves, rather than wrapping them in Duct Tape and hoping that they’re fixed. Once we accept who we are, we don’t have to be so fake, we don’t have to hide behind a mask.

No one is perfect. I know, shocker right? So why do we act like–feel like that we have to appear so? Perhaps the greatest strength is not by having no weakness, but admitting that we have them?

Now, I’m not saying to give into the monster and to take pride in our faults—we don’t want the mindless brute to be the brain, our control center, but we don’t want it to be the weird cousin who we keep hidden under the staircase either. To control the monster, while not putting on a show.

Now yes, there are some flaws, some sins that are not for all to see, but they must be known. Anything that remains a secret, holds power over you. Snares you in guilt, and drains your energy to keep your secret a secret. That’s why it’s so important crucial to have a close friend, an accountability partner—someone who you trust. (Choose wisely. For the more someone knows of you, the more power that they have over you. Choose a true friend who will not judge you, who will love you, no matter WHAT you’re struggling with.)

Control your Hulk. Quit settling with taming it, but conquer it! Quit hiding behind a “perfect” mask and take control of your monster!

“Hulk Smash!”

“No Hulk, you listen to me now! Now, I’m in control. And I say, no more smash!”


~Photo Obtained


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