imagesCAH4P9W8You are a cookie.

?—Bet you haven’t heard someone call you that before, but it’s true, you are a cookie. Now, you’re not the cook, but the pastry, yet sometimes we like to think that we are the cook, so we take the cooking of ourselves into our own hands. We add ingredients that shouldn’t be there, or take away ingredients that we don’t think belong. But by doing this, we’re not the cookie that we should be, don’t have the flavor that we should have.

Take sugar for example, when you hear this word, you think of something sweet don’t you? And perhaps you being a peanut butter cookie, you’re jealous of the chocolate chip because he’s sweeter than you, so you add more sugar to yourself believing that it will make you better. But instead, it makes you taste odd—too sweet, making you no good, a bad cookie. Or perhaps you think you’re too sweet because of your vanilla wafer friend, so you take away some, again making you no longer pleasing to the tongue, but something that should be discarded instead. We are all guilty of being insecure of ourselves, and jealous of the talents of others. But when we try to mimic another, don’t we lose something? Are we not too sweet or too bland, something that we should not be?

How disappointing would life be if there was only one type of cookie?—chocolate chip. I mean I love chocolate chip cookies! but I also love Oreos, and sugar cookies, and gingerbread men, and raisin oatmeal! Life would be pretty dull if there was only one type of cookie. I mean it would make life a whole lot easier choosing a treat at the dessert table at a potluck, but I would be missing out by not having that variety.

We’re all different. We look, act, like, smell different. Maybe we’re not like that girl scout–cookie that we see, but we don’t have to be. We have our own uniqueness, our own taste that we add to the table.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this, be happy with yourself. Now, I’m not saying that you’re perfect and you shouldn’t change, because we all need to strive to continually better ourselves, but be happy with yourself and don’t think that you should be someone else. And don’t live in the false illusion that you are the baker. Leave the cooking to the Chef of chefs. He knows the cookbook much better than we ever could. He knows what type of cookie you should be. Have faith, don’t try to add more ingredients to yourself, or believe that you know how long you should be in the oven—you’ll just end up burning yourself. Trust in your Maker, he knows when you’re done.

Now, it’s lunch time! Time for this college kid to grab some grub. (Maybe it was a bad idea writing a blog before lunch.) Hmmm, I wonder what they’re serving in the cafeteria? Cookies and malk sound pretty good! Perhaps I’ll go grab a couple.

You are a cookie,
The pasty, not the cook,
Let him bake you,
Into what He has planned!

~Photo Obtained



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