How do you view the world?

When you wake up, what do you see? When you peer into a mirror, what stands out?

Perspective. Everything that we experience or witness, is from perspective. When you look into the mirror, you will either notice your flaws, or your beauties. When you look outside, do you see the clouds? or the sunbeams peaking out? Or take two friends walking out of a movie theatre. One says, “That was awesome!” while the other says, “That wasn’t so great.”  This world, our lives, we live by perspective.

Why else can one come out of a tragedy with new strength and vigor, while another is broken? So much of how we live, is influenced by our perspective of this world: a field—flowers, weeds, where’s the mall? Africa—suffering people, a mission field, home. A cheeseburger—food, fat!, food fight!! What may be one thing for one, may be the complete and utter opposite for another.

There’s nothing wrong with seeing the glass as half full, nor is there anything wrong with seeing it as half empty, only if we always see the glass as full or empty is there a problem. Always being negative clouds our life with sorrow, yet always being positive tends to make us overlook there are troubles in this world, and to not recognize there is danger. One perspective is never always right, which is why we tend to grow when we learn to look through the eyes of others. It is when we refuse to understand the reality of others, not being willing to experience their perspective, when relationships are shattered, wars erupt.

Perspectives are as unique as the individuals who populate this planet, which makes them all the more fun to try out. Why always see the world as black and white, when you can experience color! neon! infrared! There is more than one way to see. More than one way to understand.

Perspective, how do you perceive this world? How do those around you perceive it?


2 thoughts on “Perspective

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  2. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

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