5-Second Rule!

Red Oak 037Tommy is ten-years-old, full of life. He’s walking beside his mom in the store snacking on a bag of Skittles that she had given him. Skittles are his favorite candy—he loves them! Their fruity, tangy taste explodes his mouth with flavor. As he’s walking, one slips from his hand and taps the floor, landing in a brown puddle that a janitor hasn’t cleaned up yet. Heartbreaking, and not wanting to see his favorite candy wasted, Tommy kneels down and picks up the mini-rainbow. He’s about to plop it into his mouth before his mother shouts, “Tommy!”

“What? The 5-second rule.”

How many of us are like Tommy? We see something that we know that we should loose, yet we make up an excuse so that we can keep it? How many of us hold ourselves back with rationalizations, not accepting that some things have to come to a conclusion, so that something new can take its place? High school must end so that college can begin, and college will end as well, so that a career can be born.

As humans, we become so easily attached to things, ideas, places, people. Because of this, we must be careful what we attach ourselves to, and know when we have to let some things go.

If Tommy had just dropped his Skittle on the floor, he could have just dusted it off and went ahead and ate it. But dropping it into a puddle, he was endangering himself by eating a Skittle infested with germs and grossness. The same can be true for us. There are some things in our lives that it may feel like we’re losing, and we have to fight to keep them, while other times we need to just let them go, or they will endanger us—hold us back. It’s a trick to know which is which, one that takes a lifetime to master. But we must be aware of it, for sadly, almost every good thing must come to an end.

If we try to hold on to everything, we’ll become too overwhelmed. To much food on our platter that we won’t be able to eat, or too many balls for us to juggle. You spread yourself too thin, and are not able to give you’re 100% in everything, because you don’t have the time nor the energy. Sadly, there are some things in life that we must learn to enjoy while we can–acting on a high school stage or tackling on a high school football field. These things will come and go . . . but not all is lost, for there are some things in our lives that we won’t have to give up, that we will be able to enjoy for years to come.

This life is confusing, so many twists and turns. But there are many experiences awaiting for you in it—new places, people, and ideas. You must be open to them, and know that sometimes you must make ashes, so that the phoenix may rise. No, it’s never easy letting go, but sometimes it’s necessary so that we can grow.

Be willing to say ‘goodbye,’ so that you can say ‘hello.’


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