Life Lessons from Disney


How many times do we feel like we hide behind a mask? That we don’t recognize who we see in the mirror, because it’s not the person who we reflect to others? How many of us have dreams and wants that we want to pursue, but we don’t because we’re afraid that others won’t understand, that they’ll laugh and ridicule us?

There is a reason why Disney has become so famous. Besides having good business management skills and being able to appeal to kids, one reason that they’re so successful is because of the deep themes that are implanted in their cartoons. These themes range from wanting to be who you want to be and not what others want you to be like Mulan, or wanting to be a hero and prove yourself like Hercules, or even the power of friendship like The Fox and the Hound, or knowing that the end of a shoe lace is called an aglet because of Phineas and Ferb. Below is but a small list of some of these universal themes that Disney has incorporated into their animations.

 Lilo and Stitch—Lost

There are times in our lives that we feel lost. That we don’t know where to go, who to turn. We feel alone, and want to be loved. The life that we thought we had is gone, and everything feels like it is changing. We may have friends and family, but to us they seem so distant and to far away for us to call for their help. But it is in these times that we need to reach out and ask for their strength, for it is in these times that we need them the most. It is easy in life for us to stay alone and solve problems by ourselves, but we don’t have to. There are people who are there for you, who can help you carry your burdens. You don’t have to journey through this life alone. In fact, it’s almost impossible too. Yes, it’s not easy to share your personal self with others, but a true friend will always be there for you, and will help you every step of the way in what we call life.

Tarzan—Fitting In

Like Tarzan, there are so many times when we feel like we don’t belong. We try to cover ourselves with mud. Hide who we truly are, and become something that we’re not so that we can fit in. Sometimes we feel that the person of who we are is not good enough or we’re not who we want to be. But you are beautiful the way that God made you. Why should you hide your gifts, your talents, your face? Everything that you have is you. And just as Kala said, we all may look different, but on the inside we’re all the same. Therefore, we shouldn’t have to make others feel that they have to fit in, and accept them as the person that they were created as.

The truth is this, if you have to hide you, the true you, in the filthy, grimy mud to fit in, sacrificing your very self and individuality in order to be assimilated, is it really worth fitting in?

The Little Mermaid—Follow Your Dreams

All of us have a dream. Whether that’s to become a published author, or a professional athlete, or even to be able to walk on land, all of us have a dream. So then, why is it such an oddity when someone accomplishes their dream? Yes, dreams are hard to achieve, but not impossible. If you want to fulfill your dream you’ll have to fight for it, but never give up. Fight-fight-fight!

Some say to shoot for the stars, but I ask why stop there? If you aim higher, who knows what you will be able to accomplish.


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