Relay for Life

282329_4173473494310_382211020_nImagine yourself lying in a bed—weak, tired. You try to lie as still as you can even though you’re cramped, because every time you move your body moans. You feel disgusting.

Your nose itches like a sharp, annoying mosquito bite. You have to scratch it. You slowly lift up your arm—you’re so weak. You groan, hoping that it will give you the momentum that you need to raise it high enough. Slowly, slowly, you struggle to lift your hand to your nose and scratch the itch. At last it’s gone, and you release your hand, only to have it thud to the bed and send another wave of pain up your arm.

Your stomach is somersaulting. Earlier, someone had brought you McDonalds trying to bless you, but instead they only made things worse. The smell had been so strong, as if it was a chicken house instead of food. The smell had been so revolting, that you just wanted to vomit.

You’re weak, in pain, embarrassed—your head is bald, your eyebrows and eye lashes have fallen out, you feel like a freak, something that belongs in a circus or a carnival. You want to give up. You want to give in, to escape this torture. You are in so much pain . . . but you can’t, you have to keep fighting, for them. Friends, family, your faithful companions by your side.

Your head is swarming with emotions. You feel guilt that you’re causing them so much pain. Anger, because they don’t know how you feel, why me? . . . And love, because they have done so much for you. Your confused, lost, and just want this pain to end.

Cancer, a deadly disease that plagues our world.

This is the life of many everyday who struggle with cancer. It’s such a horrible disease, with a cure that is as bad, if not worse, than the disease itself.

This weekend is the Relay for Life of my town. It’s both a celebration that we are getting closer to a cue and are able to help thoughs with cancer better than what we have, and a remembrance of those who have or have been taken by this disease. It takes place at the Neosho High School football field, and each team that is there must have a person on the track at all times walking laps, from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. At first, it’s easy to make those laps, when the sun is up, when you’re full of energy, but as the night comes, those laps become harder as you tirer, perfect symbolism of the fight that those with cancer must struggle through.

But the whole time you make your laps you gain strength. Beside the track are white paper bags with candles, luminaries, with names on them of the people who they represent, to honor the people in your community who have, or have been taken by cancer. You look at them and think, “I’m doing this for them,” as you make another lap. And in the stands, you see luminaries spelling a special world that you will cling to, to give you the stamina and endurance that you need to survive the night—HOPE.

Relay for Life is such an awesome organization. Not only do they raise money for research for a cure, but they also raise money to aid those who are struggling with cancer. They provide transportation, housing, treatments, wigs. Relay for Life is such an awesome organization, and I highly encourage you to become evolved with the Relay for Life in your community, or find some other way that you can join this war to put an end to cancer.

Cancer is such a terrible illness that affects so many. Are you willing to take a stand against this monster, and bring more birthdays into the world?



Fight Back!!!


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