100_1348This world is a funny place. It can be daisies and rainbows one minute—then thunder and lightning the next. There is so much to live for—so much to hate. There’s smiles and laughs—then there’s also pain and tears.

Life, it’s so confusing. We can plan for the future—but what we plan and what transpires are two completely different things. There are so many paths, so many twists and turns, but which ones should we take?

Life, it goes so fast—constantly changing. It takes us through a metamorphosis—shaping us into the person of who we are. Molding us into the man or woman of who we want to be. And who would we be without our friends? For they are our strength, our comfort, our laughter and smile, our shoulder for tears. They are the God-given flowers in our life, and without them—

This world is a funny place. It’s so confusing—the sorrows mixed with the joys. A future uncertain, a past already written, and a present—

Life, a gift–a trial. A confusing journey that we all must travel.

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