In 2010, 38,364 people committed suicide, approximately 105.1 per day! Suicide is a terrible, horrible problem.

. . . I have lost three people whom I love to suicide–and I know of seven who I love, who I’ve almost lost, who have attempted suicide.

This blog is split into three sections: “If You are Thinking About Suicide,” “If You have a Friend Thinking of Suicide,” and “If You have Lost Someone to Suicide.” Read the section that you best relates to, and I pray that it will help you.

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You are loved. You are unique. You are never alone.

Yes, this world is terrible, corrupt, and overwhelming—but there is no reason why you should take your own life. Everyone goes through obstacles, and yes some have harder lives than others, but no matter how bad life gets, there is always hope. There will always be a spec of life in the desert of despair. Yes, usually we do not see it while we are in our problems, but it is there.

I’ve also cut myself during a dark time in my life. . . . I understand how it feels, how it feels like an escape, like there is an easy way out, but the best things in life are never easy. Suicide is not the only way out. I can’t tell you what is, but know that there is another way; you just need to keep your eyes open for it.

I’m not happy, I’m not proud about what I did,  but I’ve made my peace about it. You can’t feel guilty. Yes, you shouldn’t feel great about it either, but don’t feel guilty. Guilt traps us in a cycle. Most alcoholics hate being alcoholic—so they drink to try to cover the guilt, to make themselves numb—trapping them in a vicious cycle.

Life is not easy. I have a friend you was raised by his grandparents because his dad left him, and his mom was an alcoholic. Both of his grandparents passed away about a year ago. He has had such a rough life, but I’m so thankful that he has not taken his own life because of it. He is such a joy in my life, and I don’t want to imagine what it would be like without him. Yes, suicide may sound like a great escape to you, but how will it affect the ones who love you? And yes, there is someone who loves you. You may not realize it, but there is someone who loves you and would be crushed if you took your own life.

So, what should you do? What steps should you take to prevent yourself from committing suicide? 1. Know that you shouldn’t feel guilty. Break the cycle. 2. Talk to someone. Talk to someone you trust. You need help. It’s near impossible to conquer this by yourself, so please don’t try. Talk with someone; release all of these emotions that you’ve been bottling in. Call the Suicide Hotline—1-800-SUICIDE and talk with them. Find a counselor—no you’re not crazy. No, they’re not shrinks. They are here to help you. Contact a church. … And you need to go to a hospital. I know, this sounds terrible . . . but there are medical professionals there who can help you, help you conquer this.

If you need someone to talk to, or have no one else to talk to, contact me at: or 1 (417)-389-4902. Call or text me anytime. (If I’m in school or busy with something at that moment I may not be able to answer right away, so leave me a message. And if it’s late and I’m asleep you may have to call more than once to wake me up (since I’m a sound sleeper) but I will answer. I will get back to you.) Please, call me anytime. I may not have all the answers, I am not a professional counselor, and I don’t know how helpful I’ll be, but I will listen. I will talk to you. And I will pray for you. Please, don’t be afraid to contact me. Your life is important, and I don’t want to see you take it. [ATTENTION: I am obligated by law to report details of a person intending to inflict harm on themselves or others; however, I am willing to talk first, and hopefully help you to take this step to recovery, so that I’m not mandated to take it for you.]

3. Pray. He is the only one who will never fail you. And He will never stop loving you.

Don’t give up. Know that you are loved. And try to enjoy the little things in life; there are small packets of joy in the darkest times. And take life one day at a time. Don’t think about next year or next month, get through today. Take life one day at a time, or one hour, or one minute. Make the battle small—bearable—so that you can make it to the finish line!

If You have a Friend Thinking of Suicide

If you have a friend who is thinking about suicide, talk with them, be there for them, let them know that they are not alone, that they are loved. Yes, this can be a battle. You try and you try and you try to show them that you are there for them, but they can’t/don’t see it. I don’t know why this happens, but sometimes it does, but don’t give up on them. Keep fighting for the one you love.

Also . . . you need to: 1. Call 911, so that your loved one can get medical attention immediately. or 2. Talk to an adult about the situation immediately whom you trust, so that they can help you. Suicide is not a game. Suicide it too dangerous to be kept a secret. You need help reaching out to your friend. That is why you need to get your friend to a hospital or call 911, so that a medical professional can help your friend. Or that is why you need to talk to an adult whom you trust about the situation, because you don’t want someone who’s angry at your friend, who’s going to go yell at them and make the situation worse. An adult who can help you, . . . who may need to help you restrain your friend, so that you can take he or she to the hospital. Yes, it won’t be easy, and you may feel like a traitor, but you’re not. You are doing what you can to help your friend—and hopefully they will eventually see that. And if not, would you rather be a traitor? or . . . Suicide is a delicate and terrible situation with no easy answers. (For more information, I recommend buying this book, which gives more detailed information on how to handle suicide: Helping Teenagers in Crisis by Rich Van Pelt and Jim Hancock.)

Also, pray. Pray for wisdom, strength, stamina, and endurance and He will deliver. We can’t do anything on our own. We need Him. Now, I know this is way easier said than done. It’s so easy to try and do things on our own, I mean, I tried as I fought to save my own best friend. But taking all that burden upon myself was unbearable, and I felt like I was stepping backwards instead of moving forward. Only when I gave it to Him did things begin to fall into place. If you would like prayer, email me at I’m part of four prayer groups of awesome people who will pray for you—you don’t have to go through this alone.

Don’t give up. Keep loving, keep fighting. Rely on the Lord for your strength, and know that you can’t do this on your own—but you can do this with His help. For alone we are week. Together, we are strong!

If You have Lost Someone to Suicide

I’m sorry; I know how you feel. . . . In the spring of 2014, I lost a friend of mine to suicide. It hurts, it SUCKS . . . but know that there is hope. I don’t know for sure, but I believe that if a person who did make Jesus their Savior commits suicide, it is still possible for them to go to Heaven. Now, I’m not God, I’m not the judge, but the Bible says that the only unforgivable sin in blasphemy (Mark 3:29), which is denying that Jesus is Lord, not believing that He is the Son of God—the Bible says nothing about suicide being unforgivable. “But if a person commits suicide, they don’t get a chance to repent for their sin.” No, but do you repent for every sin that you commit? I mean most sins that we commit we probably don’t even know that we did them. Or if a Christian cusses as gets hit by a car that kills him, does he go to Hell? No, grace covers our sins—makes us new, as if we never have sinned. When you accept Jesus as your Savior, his blood not only covers the sins that you have committed, but also the ones you will commit. Now, I’m not saying that Christians should commit suicide so that they can go to Heaven faster, I mean who would want to meet God face-to-face after taking his own life—the life that God gave him? But I’m saying that there is hope that the ones who we have loved are not lost forever.

Again, I am so sorry. I know no words I say will take away the pain, but I hope that they can bring a small spark of hope into your life.

Suicide, a terrible and depressing problem in this world. . . . A sad topic that affects so many. Let the 38,364 not be forgotten, but let them remind us that this world is broken that we need to keep our eyes open, so that we may see how we can help fix it.


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