The Crowder Sentry: Safe-guard free will

Facebook, a world where a person’s life is expressed by updated statuses. A reality, where people a globe apart can be connected. A place where pictures, smiles and laughs can be shared in an instant. A world—that is terrorized with statuses, such as, “Like this status, or a child in Africa will die.”

As humans, we are blessed with the ability of free will. Sadly, there are people who try to take this right away from us, to either control or to confirm us. Yes there are times when we should submit, but there are also times that it is unnecessary, such as for a silly Facebook status.

Why do people try to manipulate others? “If you don’t like this status, you kick a puppy—blow up the world—aren’t going to Heaven.” These statuses are annoying, but they are also sad. Why do people try to control others? Or why do they care so much about how many likes their status gets in a virtual world, that they try to peer pressure others?

Yes, liking a Facebook status is just a small issue, but how many fall for this trick? And how many fall prey to greater dangers by being manipulated by the same techniques? Such as an abusive relationship or giving up our American rights?

Freewill is a gift, but like any gift, it can be taken away. But like morals or our choices, this gift can only be taken from us—if we give it up.

A saying that my dad has told me many a time is, “Believe only half of what you hear, and nothing that you see.” Though I do not heed directly to this warning, for fear of becoming too paranoid, there is some truth in it. We must be careful what we allow ourselves to believe, or what we act upon with what information we have been given.

As individuals we must educate ourselves, and be more aware of what influences us. Yes we scoff when we hear that something as simple as TV can influence us, and believe that there’s no way that that’s true, but if it was false, why are there so many commercials?

Educate yourself, be more aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to ask questions. But most importantly, make a decision because it’s the decision that you decided, and not just because someone told you to do it.

Like this status?


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